Sunday, April 9, 2017

Learning From Nature

Much of our conventional education is learning “about” nature. We study nature as something separate from us and as an object that is useful to us. We seem to consider ourselves masters of nature. We learn about them because we want to know more about our servant in order to make best use of them. When we – human beings – consider ourselves the masters of earth and have dominion over it we are more likely to either exploit it or abuse it. From this point of view, human beings are a higher species and having a higher status.
    Let’s see from the other perspective. Human beings are a part of the natural world as any other species. No doubt human beings have their own outstanding faculties and qualities. They have their own highly developed senses, intelligence, consciousness and ability to communicate. But then other species too have their own particular and unique qualities, which human does not possess. Each and every species upon this earth, contribute in their own specific way for the totality of existence. All humans are born equal, irrespective of their class, status, education or wealth. They have the right to live irrespective of their usefulness to the society. It’s the same way as all species other than human have the right to be treated equally, irrespective of their usefulness towards humankind.
    From this perspective, human beings are not masters of nature but we are friends of nature. The word friends can be used throughout two ways. Firstly we consider those whom we know as friends, because we are acquainted to them, we spend some time together and support each other in time of need. But then there is another meaning of friendship. When we feel empathy and offer our affection without expecting anything in return, then we are in a state of friendship. In this second meaning, the word friends is a sense of mutuality. When we are able to identify ourselves with the other without any sense of superiority or inferiority, then we create a condition of friendship.
    Friendship is the purest and noblest kind of relationship. Friendship underpins the notion of non-violence and compassion. When we consider nature as our friends then we will never harm or exploit or damage them. We will receive the gifts given to us by nature with thanks and gratitude. We will return our gifts to them. Everything that we receive from nature – whether it is food, water, sunshine, or anything else – is a gift. This is the symbiotic relationship which equips us with humility, wonder and reverence. Nature is not there to be plundered or exploited rather it is there to be cherished and celebrated.
When we view existence with such an expanded consciousness then it is possible to open our eyes and learn “from” nature rather than learn “about” nature. Nature is the greatest teacher. We don’t need to go very far to learn from nature. Wherever we look with open eyes and a generous heart we will find nature as teacher. Look at the honeybee; we can learn the lessons of transformation from the humble bee. It takes a little nectar from here, a little nectar from there, but never too much from anywhere. Never ever has a flower complained that a honeybee has taken too much nectar away. In fact the flowers are grateful to the bee for helping them to pollinate. When the bee has taken nectar it does not waste; it transforms the nectar into sweet, delicious, healing honey. If human beings learnt to design their systems on the lines of the honeybee there would be no depletion, no waste and no pollution.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Crossword Puzzle

1). A particular or indefinite amount of anything
3). A non-human animal, especially large, four-footed animal.
5). Anything done or to be done
6). Used to carry things, often we bring to school.
9). Objective cas of “I”
10). Chemical symbol of copper.
11). 3 + 3 = ….
13). Series
16). An artificial underground conduit, for carrying off waste water.
19). A person demanded by the police.
20). A baked food having a filling of fruit, meat, etc. Prepared in a pastry-lined pan.
22). Synonym of lube.
23). The expression of glad feeling.
24). Food that’s made of egg dough, has a thin and long texture.
26). Antonym of smooth.

1). An adventurous expedition undertaken by a knight or knights to secure or achieve something.
2) A horselike animal that has a characteristic pattern of black stripes on a whitish background.
4) … and culture (school subject)
6) To strike violently or forcefully and repeatedly.
7) Queue.
12) Could be used as a weapon or a tool to chop and hew.
14)Eat, often formally.
15). Formal expression of opinion or choice.
17). Big mammal that lives in the sea.
18). The credit standing of a person or firm.
21). State of feeling at particular time.
23). Prison.
25). An animal that looks like a chicken, but spent most of their time in the water.
26). Drive or control a bike or horse.

27). Similar to walk but faster.

With Fariz Muhammad Rasyid

Monday, February 6, 2017

Everglow - Coldplay


Oh they say people come
They say people go
This particular diamond was extra special
And though you might be gone
And the world may not know
Still I see you celestial

Like a lion you ran
A goddess you rolled
Like an eagle you circled
In perfect purple
So how come things move on
How come cars don't slow
When it feels like the end of my world?
When I should but I can't let you go?

But when I'm cold, cold
When I'm cold, cold
There's a light that you give me
When I'm in shadow
There's a feeling within me, an everglow

Like brothers in blood
Sisters who ride
Yeah, we swore on that night
We'd be friends 'til we died
But the changing of winds
And the way waters flow
Life as short as the falling of snow
And now I'm gonna miss you, I know

But when I'm cold, cold
In water rolled, salt
And I know that you're with me
And the way you will show
And you're with me wherever I go
'Cause you give me this feeling, this everglow

What I wouldn't give for just a moment to hold
Yeah, I live for this feeling, this everglow

So if you love someone, you should let them know
Oh, the light that you left me will everglow

source : AZLYRICS

This song has a very great meaning. For me, this song is about the feeling of warmth or happiness that comes with the sadness you feel when you think about a relationship or situation that has ended. Well, I had been through that recently. So this song relates to me extremely well. When I hear this song, I think about that someone. Even if I'm sad when I think about them, there's this happiness that comes with it. Especially the memories. Even if they left, there's something that they left inside of me. So they don't really left, they still exists here. In the depth of my heart :)

Monday, January 9, 2017

My Holiday

      Hello guys back with me again! What's up guys? How's your holiday? I hope you enjoyed it. This time I wanna tell you about my holiday.

      I spent most of my holiday in Jakarta. It's because I lived there. Actually I did nothing in the last holiday. Eat, sleep, basketball, repeatedly. Not that bad though. Just taking some rest from my daily activities and enjoying life. Even in the new year I just stayed at home and watched some movies. The only thing that I do outside was playing basketball with my friends every morning. I usually played basketball at Menteng Park.

Taman Menteng Basketball Court

      On the 3rd of January 2017, I went back to Bandung. I went back that early because on 7 January 2017 I will join a basketball competition in Bandung. This basketball competition was held by UNISBA. From 4-6 January we had an intensive training at school. We trained our physics, skills, and the most important thing we trained our tactics.

      On 7th of January, the competition was held at PASAGA. We went to PASAGA at 7 am. Then we had an opening ceremony at 7.30. SMA 3's team were divided into 2 teams. They were team A and team B. I was told to join the B team. The A team played the first match. Their opponent was SMA 1 Pasundan. They won 46-8. My team played the 4th match. Our opponent was SMAN 14 Bandung.It was a very tight match. At the first quarter we led the game by 2 points. The score was 4-2. At the end of the first half, the lead changed. The score was 9-14. We did our best, but when the game ended SMAN 14 still had the lead. The final score was 23-16. I was sad, but I'm proud of myself and my team because we did our best. I hope we could win in the other tournament.


     The next day, I was just relaxing and having some rest. I was really tired because of the tournament. I enjoyed my holiday though. I was happy about it.

     I think that's all from me. Hope I can see you again soon. Bye:)

Monday, October 31, 2016

Kyrie Irving Biography

Kyrie Irving

Irving was born on March 23, 1992 in Melbourne, Australia to American parents.  He is the son of Drederick and Elizabeth Irving, and the stepson of Shetellia Irving. He has an older sister, Asia, and a younger sister, London. His father, Drederick, played college basketball at Boston University alongside Shawn Teague and under coach Rick Pitino. After completing his college career, Irving's father moved to Australia to play professionally for the Bulleen Boomers. Irving lived in the Melbourne suburb of Kew before relocating to the United States when he was two years old.  He has dual citizenship in the United States and Australia. Irving's mother, Elizabeth, died from an illness when he was four, so Drederick raised him with the help of Irving's aunts.

Irving grew up in West Orange, New Jersey, where he often went to his dad's adult-league games. His inspiration to play in the NBA came after playing at Continental Airlines Arena during a school trip in fourth grade where he stated "I will play in the NBA, I promise."  As a teenager, Irving played for the Road Runners of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

Kyrie Irving  played college basketball for Duke University before being selected with the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft by the Cavaliers. Irving has achieved a number of accolades, including the 2011–12 NBA Rookie of the Year, 2014 NBA All-Star Game MVP, and an NBA championship in 2016. He has also played for the United States national team, with whom he has won gold at the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Hello Everybody!!

Please come and join the SMAN 3 Basketball Competition. This competition will be held on

Date      : 28th October 2016
Time     : 7 a.m. until finish
Place     : GOR C-Tra

This competition is held by OSIS SMAN 3 Bandung and it is held to celebrate the "Sumpah Pemuda" Day. The total prize for the winner is Rp 10.000.000,-. There will also be some mini games at halftime break. This mini games will have some prizes too! We will also invite Denny Sumargo, Indonesia's legend of basketball. So what are you waiting for? Come and register!

CP : 085725451330 (Brama)

Monday, September 26, 2016

My Unforgettable Memory

             When I was an 8th grader precisely on 2015, I join a competition named OSN (Olimpiade Sains Nasional). It was a national level competition that all school in Indonesia join by sending their best student. This competition have some stages. The first one is City level. And if you pass this stage, you will continue to the next stage. It's the Province level. At that time I was studying in Central Java, so I take part in the Central Java level. And thanks to Allah, I passed this level too so I could represent Central Java in yhe National level.

             I take the Science subject when I joined this competition. Central Java sent 36 students to Palu to represent Central Java in OSN 2015. Before we go to Palu, we attend some kind of training that's held one week before the OSN. That one week was full of studying the material that we needed to know. And after all those training, we -representative of Central Java- flew to Palu to compete with all of the best Junior Highschool student in Indonesia.

             First day in Palu, we straightly went to the hotel that have been served for all of the contestants from all over Indonesia. The hotel was Santika Hotel.  During this competition we weren't allowed to go out from the hotel without permission from the committee of this competition. Next, all of the participants attended the opening ceremony at the ballroom of the hotel. There were about 390 participants in this competition. After that, we were allowed to take some rest because the next day will be the first day of the competition.

             The next day, the competition began. The test was held in two days, the first day was the theory test or the writen test. It started at about 7 a.m and finished at 1 p.m. I felt like my mind was blown out after the test, and that was just the first day! After the test, we went back to the hotel to prepare for the next test.

             Third day in Palu, we did the experiment test. There were two type of experiment, they were biology experiment and physics experiment. Again, my mind was blown out after the test. But this time I could relaxed a little because that was the last test. The next day, our schedule was having a trip to Tanjung Karang beach.

             The trip to Tanjung Karang went well. I had a really good time there. Surfing, swimming, and doing other things. I reslly enjoyed it.

             Eventhough I didn't win this competition, I felt really happy that I had joined this OSN. I hope I could join this competition once again in Senior Highschool :)